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Spanish Chilled Soup: Salmorejo cordobés
Spanish Chilled Soup: Salmorejo cordobés

I have been living in Spain for some time now and one of the foods I love above all others is the chilled summer soups – essential when you live in the beautiful region of Andalucia, in Southern Spain. The summers here can be hot and, as a result, you often need light meals which help to cool you down. The most famous of all Spanish chilled soups are, of course, Gazpacho (a recipe for which I will post shortly). My personal favorite is, however, Salmorejo cordobés. Salmorejo is a cold, creamy tomato soup, originating in the city of Córdoba, Spain. It is a simple soup made with ingredients very similar to Gazpacho tomatoes, bread, oil, garlic, and vinegar, similar to gazpacho. Then, it is garnished with diced Spanish Serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs. For me is it creamier than Gazpacho and the addition of Spanish Serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs really finishes this soup off a treat.

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4 Servings

Ingredients for Salmorejo cordobés:

2 eggs
2 oz Serrano ham (substitute prosciutto)
1 (8 oz) stale crusty bread (preferably a baguette-style)
1 large clove garlic
2 lbs (1 kg) ripe tomatoes
8 oz (250 ml) extra virgin olive oil
2 oz (60 ml) red wine vinegar
salt to taste

Preparation of Salmorejo cordobés:

  1. First, you want to hard boil the eggs.  The immediately place in ice-cold water to cool.
  2. Next, remove the hard crush from your bread and slice into pieces approximately 1 inch thick.  Put around one-quarter of an inch of water into a large baking dish and place it in the bread. Allow soaking for around 30 minutes. Squeeze out excess water and place in a food processor.
  3. Peel and mince garlic and place it in your food processor. Peel tomatoes, remove the seeds and add to the food processor. Pour in vinegar.  Process.
  4. Begin to slowly pour in oil while processing – it is this process that allows the ingredients to form its well known creamy texture. Continue to process until smooth. If the finished mixture is a little too thick then you may add a bit of cold water while processing. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Just before serving. Place into bowls and decorate with diced Serrano ham and the chopped boiled eggs. I like mine roughly chopped.

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